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We can help you work out your dispute! We are a team of highly experienced professionals specialising in family mediation (divorce or other relationships), civil and commercial mediation (for business disputes) and workplace mediation.  We have experienced mediators based in Swindon, Bristol, London, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and Newcastle but we work across the country.  All members of the mediation team are recognised by the College of Mediators and the Civil Mediation Council.

We also run nationally accredited mediation training in all types of mediation, which will enable you to gain Legal Services Commission recognition. If you are looking to train as a mediator we can help you with post mediation training support and guidance as well as initial training.

Our aim is to help both those in dispute and those looking to learn about dispute resolution to find the best way forward.

To find the best way forward for you....Please click on the appropriate links on our menu or just give us a call.


Latest news

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    New Standards for

    Family Mediators 2015:

    Are you ready for the changes?

    From January 2015 new standards for training and practice will come into force for professional family mediators. This is something which has been anticipated for some time though the detail has only recently come out and there are still some matters which have to be clarified.

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