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We can help you work out your dispute! We are a team of highly experienced professionals specialising in family mediation (divorce or other relationships), civil and commercial mediation (for business disputes) and workplace mediation.  We have experienced mediators based in Swindon, Bristol, London, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and Newcastle but we work across the country.  All members of the mediation team are recognised by the College of Mediators and the Civil Mediation Council.

We also run nationally accredited mediation training in all types of mediation, which will enable you to gain Legal Services Commission recognition. If you are looking to train as a mediator we can help you with post mediation training support and guidance as well as initial training.

Our aim is to help both those in dispute and those looking to learn about dispute resolution to find the best way forward.

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Latest news

  • The Impact of Body Language on

    Interaction and intervention in Mediation

    17th June 2015


    5 CPD points. 

    Trainers:- David Barnard and Lorraine Bramwell


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    Most mediators are aware of the relevance of body language in a mediation session; but how much do you actually know about what particular body language might mean? Is it always what you assume it to be? And what is your body language telling your clients about you?

  • Understanding The FMCA -

    The new accreditation process.

    6th July 2015

    Trainers: - Dominic Raeside

    5 CPD points. 


    In January 2015, the Family Mediation Council introduced sweeping new changes to training and standards in Family Mediation.

    The FMCA replaces the previous Competence Assessment scheme. All newly qualified mediators will now have to complete the FMCA within three years of completing their Family Foundation Training.

    This course is designed for mediators and PPCs.  It will explain the changes in detail, including the requirements to build a portfolio, and the role a PPC will take as their supervisees go through the FMCA Process.

  • An Audience with

    Marian Roberts and Tony Whatling

    25th June 2015


    Trainers: - Marian Roberts and Tony Whatling
    5 CPD points. 

    Closing Date for Applications: 4th June 2015

    A unique opportunity to spend a day discussing mediation with two of the UK’s most respected authors and practitioners

  • Roll up for the

    LBA Excellence CPD Fair

    17th June 2015

    CPD Points Available

    Closing Date for Applications: 27th May 2015

    For many Mediators, finding an engaging CPD course can be a frustrating lottery - either it's on the wrong day, or in the wrong place or the wrong subject.

    LBA Excellence however is seeking to change all that, and is proud to bring to Mediators in the North of the UK a brand new, innovative one-day event of a type never tried before - The LBA Excellence CPD Fair.

  • LBA Excellence releases FREE

    Professional Development Log

    to all Mediators

    All family mediators will need to apply for re - accreditation in the next few years under the new standards. You will need to show that you have met all the professional development and supervision requirements.

    To help, LBA Excellence have put together a simple to use electronic professional development log to enable you to keep on top of the requirements and ensure you have all the information in one place when you come to re -accreditation.

    It even includes a special helpful section for unaccredited mediators working towards their FMCA.

  • Understanding Peer Mediation -

    An introduction to theory and practice and a guide to

    setting up and supporting peer mediation schemes.

    2nd July 2015


    Trainers: - Annie Sneller and Lorraine Bramwell
    5 CPD points.


    Closing Date for Applications: 11th June 2015

    Peer mediation schemes in schools, colleges and higher education have gained considerable popularity over the last few years as Mediation increasingly becomes an integral part of everyday life for both adults and young people. It's promotion by government departments, both civil and family courts and the business community makes the understanding and use of mediation increasingly relevant to…

  • Practical Legal Knowledge

    for Family Mediators 2015

    London South Bank University, Elephant and Castle,

    Southwark, London

    14th July 2015

    Trainers: - Edd Palmer and Lorraine Bramwell
    5 CPD points.


    Confirmed Course - Book now to reserve your place

    Join our regular refresher session for both new and experienced mediators to make sure you are right up to date with what Family Mediators need to know about Family Law.

  • LBA Excellence

    Spring 2015 Foundation Mediation Training (South)

    London South Bank University, London

    Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution

    11th - 12th May & 10th - 12th June 2015

    Family Specialism

    30th June - 1st July & 14th - 16th July 2015

    Confirmed Course - Book now to reserve your place

    An ideal training programme for both new Trainees on their first steps into Mediation, and also experienced Community, Civil and Commercial, Workplace and other types of trained Mediators who want to expand into the dynamic area…

  • Jessica Peacock/Flickr

    Update from the

    Family Mediation Council

    on New Standards for 2015

    The FMC has released an update regarding the implementation of the New Standards Project which came into force from January 2015

    Click here to read their FAQ.

  • Jessica Peacock/FlickrNew Standards for

    Family Mediators 2015:

    Are you ready for the changes?

    From January 2015 new standards for training and practice will come into force for professional family mediators. This is something which has been anticipated for some time though the detail has only recently come out and there are still some matters which have to be clarified.

    Click here to read more about what it means for you.

    Click here to read the latest FAQ from the FMC.


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